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A Bed and Breakfast offers travelers an excellent lodging alternative to large impersonal hotels. During the 1980's Bed and Breakfasts began to become more popular in the United States. Much of this is due to the warmth and interest of the Innkeeper who most often lives at or near the property. B&Bs offer an environment that larger traditional hotels cannot provide. Innkeepers also bring an added level of service to their guests by being available to answer questions about their area.

What is a B&B? Read our Bed & Breakfast FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that includes answers to many questions first time B&B guests often have. It lists discussion groups that can be a resource, definitions on what exactly is a Bed & Breakfast, as well as why some people don't like B&Bs. The most important piece of advice you can take is to always have direct contact with the Inkeeper of the property you interested in visiting. Don't book a B&B room via an online impersonal interface.

This search engine offers you a method of searching for properties by destination. Just enter the location your interested in and let the search engine do the rest. If the results are long, then narrow your search by entering a more specific location. This search engine and other similar online Bed and Breakfast resources have pretty much replaced the old printed guide book, but they are still available click here.

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